Training Grants at Instituto Clavel: The Experience of Elías Javier

Elias Javier, a specialist in orthopedic surgery and traumatology, is the lastest physician to receive the training grant in spine surgery awarded by the Fundación Clavel. We talked to him, so he could tell us how he has lived the experience and everything he has learned during his stay at Instituto Clavel.  

One of the main objectives of Fundación Clavel is to share the knowledge and experience of the members of the Instituto Clavel in neurosurgery with other physicians, so that there would be more and more professionals specialized in spine and skull surgery around the world, who could help more patients with this type of diseases.  

Therefore, each year, they offer a training grant program in minimally invasive spine surgery for physicians who are fluent in Spanish or English and would like to expand their knowledge. The grant lasts for two months and has an individual monthly allowance of €1,200 (gross). During the stay, the fellow physicians actively participate in the day-to-day of neurosurgeons at Instituto Clavel, attending different procedures and surgeries, as well as patient consultations.  

Since the best way to know what the scholarship is like is to ask someone who has experienced it, we have talked to Elías Javier. In this video, he tells us what the routine at the center is, what he has learned about minimally invasive spinal surgery, and how all this learning will help his career. 



What do you think? If you find it interesting and you would also like to train with us in spine surgery, you can find the terms and conditions here.   

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