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The debate spinal fusion vs. disc replacement is an issue frequently raised by persons suffering from lumbar and cervical problems. When they suffer disc degeneration and conservative medical treatment fails to preserve their well-being, it is advisable to go a step further and resort to a surgical procedure with more marked effects. In this regard, here at Instituto Clavel de la Columna, a widely recognized center in this field at national and international level, we prefer disc replacement with artificial materials.

We opt for disc replacement in place of spinal fusion because this procedure results in greater natural biomechanical functionality of these parts of the back. The prostheses we use today provide ample mobility and prevent degeneration of adjacent discs. In addition, we can now introduce these materials through more easily accepted procedures for the patient. We are an minimally invasive spine institute and have actively participated in the development and use of the most interesting methods that decrease the discomforts of these procedures.



Our position on spinal fusion vs. disc replacement


Currently we use third-generation prostheses such as Spinalkinetics M6, which have achieved significant recognition for the improvements made in this field. We are able to carry out total disc replacement, thus mitigating pain related to various agents, while ensuring preservation of joint movement function. We are at your service to inform you of all the possibilities available at our recognized Institute and also the price of back surgery according to your needs.

cirugia de reemplazo de disco artificial
monitorizacion intraoperatoria 

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