Below we transcribe some of our patients’ stories of their experiences. How they faced surgery, how it has changed their lives and their views on treatment.

The words of our patients 

Juan Ignacio Maegli, 29 years old.
Injury: Disc herniation L5-S1.

Juan Ignacio Maegli is a young professional sailor from Guatemala who after many years of dedication to Olympic sport, suffered a disc herniation L5-S1. This limited his personal and professional life and that’s why he decided to trust on the Barcelona Spine Center to put an end to his injury.

After being intervened of an ADR (artificial disc replacement), Juan isn’t feeling pain anymore and he’s already training to compete in the Tokyo Olympics 2020. He happily confesses that this surgery has changed his life.

Salvador Fages, 47 years old.
Injury: Lumbar facet syndrome

Salvador Fages is a civil servant in the Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan Government) and is truly passionate about sports. He always had a very active lifestyle, but due to the lumbar facet syndrome, the pain in his back didn’t allow him to live a regular life.

In this video Salvador talks about his sensations and the positive change that he’s experienced after having an ADR surgery performed by Dr. Pablo Clavel.

Jerry Robinson, 60 years old.
Injury: Lumbar disc degeneration and disc collapse at the level L3-L4.

Jerry Robinson is a security engineer from Chicago, IL. After years of back pain and several unsuccessful interventions that didn’t relieve it, he found out about the Barcelona Spine Center and got in touch.

Today, Jerry’s pain is gone and his life is fully recovered.

Guillermo Eldracher, 57 years old.
Injury: Lumbar disc dehydration.

Guillermo Eldracher was born in Barcelona and become engaged in the business world, while practicing sports professionally. He was diagnosed with an injury in the L4-L5 lumbar discs with an impingement of the sciatic nerve.

In this video he explains how, after having an ADR surgery, he was able to practice sport again.

Thomas Bailey, 45 years old.
Injury: Stenosis of the cervical spine.

Thomas Bailey, 45 years old, a family physician in Indiana, USA. For some years she suffered cervical canal stenosis at C5-C6 and C6-C7.

This video tells what her life has been like before and after ADR surgery.

Louise Samson, 33 years old.
Injury: Lumbar disc disease.

Louise Samson, Animic vocalist, was 33 years old and suffered from lumbar disc disease. This moving story shows us how, thanks to ADR surgery, she recovered the things dearest to her: her family and her music.

Josep Mª Estivill, 27 years old.
Injury: Degenerative lumbar disc disease.

Josep, 27, suffered degenerative lumbar disc disease that prevented him from leading a normal life. This is his experience and results after ADR surgery.