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First steps

No, at Instituto Clavel we offer the possibility of virtual consultations for all our patients. With the information we gather during that consultation, along with diagnostic tests that you have sent us, we can assess the case remotely in order to determine when it is necessary to go to one of our centers in person.  

However, we do recommend that your first visit be in person if possible, because it gives you the opportunity to meet your doctor in person, and receive a physical exam if appropriate. 

At Instituto Clavel we work with most medical insurers. Don’t hesitate to consult our administrative team. They will be happy to answer all your questions about the coverage that is included.

Yes, our medical team makes a complete assessment of each case, taking into account previous treatments and the current state of the patient, to offer fully personalized solutions. 


At Instituto Clavel we have more than 20 years of experience in spinal and brain pathologies. The outstanding qualifications of all our medical professionals together with the use of the latest technology, allow us to make a correct diagnosis, which will be the basis of the treatment that we recommend to each patient.  

At Instituto Clavel we diagnose the patient’s condition by following a highly detailed protocol, made of a series of precise steps. Starting with the patient’s medical history, the doctor will interview the patient to gather all of the most relevant information.  

Additionally, the doctor will perform a physical examination of the patient and order the necessary tests using the best technology for each case. One example is the EOS system, which takes high quality full-body x-rays with a much lower radiation dose than traditional radiographic systems.  

Another of the fundamental steps is team decision making. Before scheduling surgery, the case is presented before all of our colleagues, for decision on whether the treatment the surgeon proposes is correct or if there are other more beneficial alternatives. Should the latter occur, the surgery would be suspended and the most appropriate treatment will be applied. This control measure allows us to obtain the best results.

Yes, at Instituto Clavel, before deciding on the most appropriate treatment for each patient, the doctor will explain the patient’s situation to them in detail, addressing all doubts and questions, and recommend what they think is best.

Treatments and operations

Yes, at Instituto Clavel, in addition to surgery, we offer treatments ranging from conservative options, such as physiotherapy, to somewhat more interventionist alternatives, such as infiltrations, in the pain clinic.

Most often, when a patient comes to our center, we start with conservative treatments and only indicate surgical treatment when those treatments fail to give the desired results.

Yes, one of the pillars of our Preparation, Empowerment and Recovery program (PER) is to make sure the patient has all the information they need. This is because we are well aware that explaining what treatment consists of, clearly and fully, and solving any type of doubt the patient may have, is essential for reducing the stress that the patient may feel when facing a medical treatment or procedure.

That depends a lot on the patient’s diagnosis and the treatment that has been recommended in each case. You can find out more under the section on treatments. There you will find more details for each procedure. 

All surgical operations have some risk, but at Instituto Clavel we are experts in the surgeries we perform and, in addition, we have high-precision technology such as IOMN, O-ARM scanner, and Mazor X, which allow us to carry them out with a very high level of safety.

If you are interested in more specific information on the risks involved in each procedure, you will also find that in the treatments section.

After surgery

The length of time needed for recovery depends on the operation and the condition of each patient. However, at Instituto Clavel we are committed to applying minimally invasive surgical techniques whenever possible, which greatly reduces convalescence time. 

In addition, our PER patient program includes a series of pre and post operative measures, which aim to make recovery faster. The patient’s collaboration in following all the indicated recommendations is key to getting the best result. 

Yes, at Instituto Clavel we recommend specific rehabilitation for each patient after surgery. We work hand in hand with FisioSpine, a center specialized in physical therapy and spinal rehabilitation. At FisioSpine, a rehabilitation plan is made specifically adapted to the patient and the treatment they have undergone. This guarantees that each patient is guided through the most suitable rehabilitation process for their individual case, and thus has better results.    

The aim of our treatments is to restore the quality of life to the patients who trust us, and this is the case in most cases. With the treatments we provide, we manage to eliminate or reduce pain and allow our patients to resume activities that their pathologies had prevented them from doing.

Regarding sports, although it depends a lot on the patient's state of health and the treatment they require, we have obtained very good results, especially with ADR surgery, with which up to 70% of those operated on have been able to make a full return to the sports they enjoy.

However, to answer the question directly, the doctors analyze each case individually to determine the recovery expectations, as well as the possibility of returning to those activities that the patient previously carried out on a regular basis.

Yes, our PER program includes the continued communication with patients throughout their recovery process. We can answer your questions remotely and recommend a visit to the center if necessary. 

Yes, at Instituto Clavel we schedule follow-up appointments with all our patients after surgery. The time frame for which these appointments are scheduled depends on each surgery.

The budgets are personalized, since they depend on the situation of each patient and the treatment they require. Our team will inform you individually about which treatment is the most suitable for you, its cost and other details.

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