Preparation, Empowerment and Recovery (PER)

At Instituto Clavel we want all our patients to feel supported and empowered during treatment. To do this, we have created our own patient preparation program, which allows us to offer our patients high-quality, personalized service and speedy recovery.

We accompany you throughout the process

Our patient support program covers all stages of the medical process at Instituto Clavel, from the moment of first contact until the patient is fully recovered. The goal is to ensure the best possible experience. 


The pre-treatment stage is key to how the patient will experience the medical treatment and how they recover. For this reason, at Instituto Clavel, we prepare each patient on a physical and emotional level for the medical procedure they will undergo. To be effective, we make an assessment of the physical, mental and functional state of the patient. Communication is fundamental during this phase: the medical team offers detailed information and encourages the patient to ask any type of question they may have. This significantly reduces stress the patient may feel and increases their sense of security.


The operation itself is usually the moment that most often worries patients, but thanks to the pre-treatment preparation we offer, the patient arrives at this stage feeling empowered, both physically and emotionally. During the operation, we seek to ensure that this continues and that the patient feels calm and involved

To achieve this, we follow an itinerary of steps that includes the patient entering the operating room autonomously (whenever possible), accompaniment before anesthesia and after surgery, and detailed information on discharge and medication, as well as the beginning of rehabilitation at 6-12 hours after surgery. 


After the operation, the recovery phase starts, which most patients are eager to begin, but have doubts about what the process will be once they leave the hospital. At Instituto Clavel we encourage the patient to take an active role in their recovery, since this has a highly positive effect on the outcome.

We arrange this through several different actions, from regular visits during your hospital stay, to providing information on the necessary materials and the guidelines that you will need to follow during your recovery at home. In addition, we schedule a post-surgical follow-up appointment, and provide information on the timing of periodic follow-ups and the possibility of making remote consultations when necessary. 


In order to get the best possible results from the surgery, it is essential that the patient follow healthy habits during their recovery, and after, so they can return to normal daily life, and in addition, prevent possible future problems. Our medical team offers detailed and fully personalized guidelines that the patient can apply to their daily life: postural hygiene, specific exercises, physical activity, rest and diet, among others.

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