Strengthen & Build

Exercises at the ballet barre to improve posture, tone the back and build overall body strength.

The sessions of Strengthen & Build are aimed at the recovery of the spine after an injury or pathology that has meant a loss of strength, mobility and/or flexibility. If this is your case, and you are looking to recover your quality of life, at Insituto Clavel Rehabilitation, we can help you.

During the classes, our physical therapists will help you work on your body awareness, regain flexibility, increase strength and improve your postural habits.

You will learn to coordinate your movements with breathing, improve mobility and tone the stabilizing muscles of the spine.

To achieve this, you will work in all planes (sagittal, frontal and transverse), with exercises always adapted to your needs and taking into account your physical condition.

In Strengthen & Build we combine movements that help to recover strength and mobility in the spine

All exercises are adapted to the needs of each patient and are supervised and guided by the therapist

  • At the barre:
    • Balance and coordination exercises
    • Back stretches
    • Strengthening exercises
    • Static and dynamic stretches of all muscle groups, in different planes
  • With the mirror:
    • Work on body awareness
    • Posture exercises
    • Automatic correction and control of posture
  • Full-body dynamic work
    • Constant activation of the abdominal center and stabilizing musculature.
    • Breathing control.
    • Full-body work using own bodyweight with the help of the barre.
    • Exercises with rhythm and pleasant music, which helps concentration, relaxation and coordination

Benefits of Strengthen & Build

  • Recovery of strength, especially of the deep and stabilizing muscles of the spine.
  • Increased overall flexibility, emphasizing the spine.
  • Improved movement control.
  • Reduced back pain.
  • Improved posture habits.
  • Acceleration of the recovery process.
  • Increased agility, flexibility and balance
  • Increased sense of general well-being

How are the Strengthen & Build sessions organized at Instituto Clavel Rehabilitation?

The sessions last 50 minutes and are divided into the following activity blocks:

  • Warm-up at the barre (10 min.)
  • Work at the barre (20 min.)
  • Floor exercises for musculature (15 min.)
  • Relaxation techniques (5 min.)



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