Physical therapy assessment reports for orthopedic and ergonomic material

At Instituto Clavel Rehabilitation we can provide reports as needed by the patient.

Our team of physical therapists can supply various types of written reports when patients need them. We provide the following types of reports:

  • Physical therapy report: documentation of our professional diagnosis the the patient’s condition, to justify the treatment. Valid for presentation to doctors, medical insurance providers or for litigation.
  • Orthopedic and ergonomic material report: justification of need for materials to support the physical activity of work, sports or everyday life. The purpose of such materials is to minimize the risk of possible injuries related to carrying out such activities, and therefore, they are only indicated in those cases in which prevention and adaptation is required by the patient’s condition.

When can these reports be requested?

The reports can be requested as long as you are being treated by us, as they can be issued after the patient has had their physical condition and type of injury evaluated by our specialists.



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