Active Therapies for care of the spine

Exercise sessions adapted to all your needs, from prevention to rehabilitation.

Personal training

Personal training in IC Rehabilitation consists of a physical activity plan that is adjusted to the needs of the patient, their goals and physical condition.

Our personal trainers are physical therapists who are experts in designing exercise plans, with targets and motivational goals to help you improve day by day, without pain or complications.

Active therapy - group activities

The group sessions of active therapy are aimed at achieving different objectives ranging from prevention of back problems, to rehabilitation after a back injury or surgery. In these sessions we combine various well-known types of exercises, but especially adapted and focused on the prevention and recovery from back pathologies, and placing special emphasis on exercises that reinforce the deep stabilizing muscles of the spine.

Back wellness and prevention of spinal pathologies

Spine & Posture

Toning exercises for the back

Recovery and improvement of back condition

Strengthen & Build

Ballet bar exercises focused on improving posture, toning the back and increasing strength.

Functional Rehabilitation

Physical Rehabilitation

Small group exercise sessions on grass or parquet for functional rehabilitation of the spine.

Reformer Pilates

At Instituto Clavel Rehabilitation, we offer reformer Pilates sessions with special machines for correcting posture, toning muscles, and to help you get in great physical shape. Our team will develop a personalized plan for you based on your specific needs, and adapted to your physical condition.

In this program, you will perform exercises under the supervision of a specialist, using the Reformer tower and the Wunda chair.



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