Instituto Clavel Rehabilitation

An outstanding physical therapy center offering comprehensive treatment for the spine in coordination with a doctors and neurosurgeons.

At Instituto Clavel Rehabilitation we are committed to innovative physical therapy for the spine.

Our purpose is to improve the quality of life of our patients through a personalized, comprehensive and inter-disciplinary treatment program.

Our team

In order to do this, we have put together a multidisciplinary team made of physical therapists, osteopaths, doctors, nurses and neurosurgeons. This approach allows us to combine our knowledge to determine the best way to relieve our patients’ pain. We use both active and passive therapies, supported by scientific studies, and with the aid of the most advanced instrumentation.

Our therapies

Comprehensive treatment of the spine with passive and active physical therapy

At Instituto Clavel Rehabilitation, we use hands-on techniques of physical therapy and osteopathy, with or without instrumentation, and we combine them with active therapies in which the patient exercises and learns to move correctly under the guidance of our team. This combination allows us to treat spinal pathologies in a comprehensive way and achieve the best results for our patients.

We adapt our services to your situation and your goals: pain prevention, recovery from an injury, or rehabilitation after spinal surgery.



Contact us so that we can give you a personalized assessment.

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