Spine Pilates

Toning exercises for a healthy back

Our Spine Pilates sessions are focused on maintaining a healthy back and preventing spinal pathologies. If you've suffered an injury and want to avoid a relapse or simply want to actively take care of your back, this is for you!

Postural The Spine Pilates classes will increase the stability of your spine as you learn to use better posture in your daily life. Because you will be exercising the whole body, you will also tone the leg and arm muscles, to achieve an overall increase in strength

These exercises are done using your own body weight, and with accessories such as elastic bands, sliders, pikes or balls, which will help you work all the muscles in your body.

Therapists at Instituto Clavel Rehabilitation will guide you as you practice and help you acquire greater body awareness, gain strength and improve posture.

In Spine Pilates we use various movements to tone the muscles, improve mobility and posture.

All of them are adapted to the needs of each patient and are guided and supervised by the therapist. To achieve the objectives, you will perform exercises with the weight of your own body and with various implements.

  • Body-awareness toning exercises: squats, push-ups, lunges, gluteal bridge and planks with core activation
  • Core work and stabilizing musculature.
  • Balance, coordination and control exercises.
  • Stationary and dynamic stretching of all muscle groups.
  • Exercises with tools to gain intensity.
  • Work with sliders, air discs for balance, elastic bands, fitball and balls, ballet barre, elastic rings and pikes

Benefits of Spine Pilates

  • Overall increase in strength, especially deep and stabilizing muscles.
  • Improved mobility: you will get greater range of motion.
  • Increased flexibility: both static and dynamic.
  • Reduction of muscle aches.
  • Decreased stress.
  • Greater control of movements.
  • Increased body awareness.
  • Improvement of posture on a day-to-day basis.

How are sessions of Spine Pilates organized at IC Rehabilitation?

The sessions last 50 minutes and are divided into the following activity blocks

  • Warm-up (10 min.)
  • Toning work in various postures and with different materials (35 min.)
  • Relaxation and stretching (5 min.)



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