Spine Rehabilitation

Exercises on grass or parquet for the functional rehabilitation of the spine.

The sessions of Spine Rehabilitation are focused on rehabilitation after surgery, pathology or injury affecting the spine. At Instituto Clavel Rehabilitation, we can help you recover mobility, adopt good postural habits and gradually return to your daily activities.

Our physical therapists will guide you throughout the sessions to help you achieve a functional re-education, learn correct movement patterns and improve joint mobility.

In addition, you will also increase in strength, coordination, balance, and practice correctly shifting from one position to another.

To achieve this, you will work globally, reproducing the activities of daily life to gain autonomy, strength and agility, with coordinated breathing and at a gentle pace.

In Spine Rehabilitation we combine different movements to facilitate the return to daily activities

All the exercises are tailored to the needs of each patient and are guided and supervised by the therapist:

  • Postural correction exercises in front of the mirror.
  • Balance work with the help of the ballet barre.
  • Arm and leg coordination exercises.
  • Mobility and strength exercises, always focusing on body awareness.
  • Changing from standing to the ground and vice versa.
  • Practice getting up and sitting down, in a way that saves energy and respects good posture.

Benefits of Spine Rehabilitation

  • Improves the movements used in the activities of daily life.
  • It works the overall musculature in a gentle and adapted way.
  • Increased body mobility.
  • Learning the right posture habits for a healthy spine.
  • Correct breathing control.
  • General well-being thanks to the benefits of therapeutic exercise.

How are the sessions of Spine Rehabilitation organized at IC Rehabilitation?

Spine rehabilitation sessions are carried out in small groups (maximum 4-6 people). They last 50 minutes and are divided into the following activity blocks

  • Warm-up (15 min.)
  • Exercises on the floor, stool, standing, and using the ballet barre (25 min.)
  • Relaxation techniques (10 min.)



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