Whistleblowing channel

Link to Whistleblowing Channel: https://institutoclavel.factorialhr.es/complaints

The Whistleblowing Channel is the means that Instituto Clavel makes available to all employees, managers, and administrators of the Group's companies and third parties related to them and, in particular, to any suppliers and contractors, volunteers, interns and workers in training periods, through which they can communicate any information related to Instituto Clavel that may involve:

● A possible irregularity or act contrary to the Principles of Responsible Business or any other applicable internal regulations.
● Any irregularity related to accounting issues, auditing issues, and/or aspects related to internal control over the financial reporting.
● A possible irregularity or act contrary to the law.

The channel is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through the web form. Reports can be made anonymously, or, if you wish, you may provide contact details. The information collected in the report will be treated securely and confidentially.
The Compliance Department will process all complaints received, diligently and promptly, ensuring their verification, and adopting any necessary measures to resolve the concerns raised, in accordance with the established internal procedures.

IMPORTANT: This is the whistleblowing channel for reporting issues related to the Principles of Responsible Business. For complaints related to business operation, billing, or service incidents, please contact the Instituto Clavel Customer Service.

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