About us

At Instituto Clavel Rehabilitation we believe in innovation, in finding new approaches to physical therapy that help our patients stop suffering pain, to help them live without the daily limitations that spinal pathologies can cause. Our focused specialization and continuous training, alongside a team of medical experts in the conditions we treat, enables us to treat these conditions in a comprehensive way that is adapted to the individual patient.

We offer specialized physical therapy, osteopathy, rehabilitation for returning to physical activity or sports after an injury, and group classes of therapeutic exercise.

We also provide active therapies that help patients prevent pain, or recover from an injury or back surgery, using various types of exercise, all guided by an expert professional who is familiar with the details of the patient’s case.

We are a unique physical therapy center working in association with a medical spine clinic.

Our association with the spine and neurosurgery unit of Instituto Clavel, gives us a much more complete vision of the patient's condition. Our physical therapists meet weekly with the medical team for patient follow-up.  In addition, there are monthly meetings of the entire team of therapists and medical staff to discuss news or address issues to help us improve our services.

Another benefit of working closely together is that our team enters the operating room with Instituto Clavel to keep learning and to have the knowledge we need to offer the most effective treatments together.

Our values

At IC Rehabilitation, our purpose is to improve the quality of life of our patients through personalized, comprehensive and inter-disciplinary treatment. This is possible because all our professionals are committed to the same values:

  • Active listening
    • We listen to our patients in order to better understand their condition and their physical and mental needs. We explain things in a way that you can understand: your diagnosis, what kind of treatment you need, and the results you can expect.
  • Comprehensive and innovative vision of spinal pathologies.
    • Our multidisciplinary approach gives us a comprehensive vision of spinal pathologies. We set a precedent; nobody does it like us. Our experience allows us to offer the most appropriate treatment in each case.
  • Professionalism and specialization in physical therapy
    • We believe in what we do and we are committed to doing it better every day.
  • Empathy and encouragement
    • We understand what the patient is going through and we involve the patient so that they take an active role in their recovery.

Our team

The professionals who work at Instituto Clavel Rehabilitation are highly qualified and specialized. Our team is composed of experts from multiple disciplines (physical therapy, osteopathy, neurosurgery...) who all share these values: patient care through listening, empathy, and using the most appropriate therapy.

The center

At our center in Barcelona, you will feel right at home. It is spacious, light-filled, and inviting. If you thought that a physical therapy center probably couldn’t meet all your needs, we encourage you to visit us. All our facilities are designed with our patients in mind, to help you take care of your body and enjoy doing it.



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