Virtual physical therapy sessions

Can’t come to our center? Ask for an online session with your physical therapist!

At Instituto Clavel Rehabilitation we offer personalized virtual physical therapy sessions guided by our specialists. We have sessions for an initial assessment if you have not yet come to the center, to discuss the possibilities we can offer you, or offer you guidance if you have been treated at Instituto Clavel but cannot do the rehabilitation with us because you do not live nearby. We also offer follow-up sessions to check that you are making appropriate progress.

What treatments do we offer in virtual sessions?

During the virtual sessions it is possible to make an initial assessment based on the tests or symptoms, indicate prevention guidelines and provide a written treatment plan that details the necessary therapy for the patient, either passive, active or combined.

This is a good alternative if you can't come to our center. Virtual sessions are ideal for those who need support and supervision of their recovery. Take advantage of the follow-up appointment with your doctor at Instituto Clavel to visit us and enhance your treatment.

In follow-up sessions, we evaluate the progress of each patient, we perform easy and very visual exercises that can be done in real time, we give guidelines for proper positioning, as well as preventive movements for their daily life.

How are virtual therapy sessions organized at Instituto Clavel Rehabilitation?

Virtual sessions last 30 minutes. You can book them through our website or by phone. Once you book, the process is as follows

  • You will receive an email to formalize the reservation, indicating the method of payment,
  • After payment, you will receive another email with confirmation and instructions for where to place yourself and your computer camera to carry out the session effectively
  • When the appointment approaches, you will receive an SMS message reminding you of the date.
  • Just 5 minutes before the session, we will send you an invitation via email with access to the link to the platform on which we carry out the sessions



Contact us so that we can give you a personalized assessment.

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