Osteopathy team specialized in the spine

We offer a completely personalized osteopathy service so that we can provide the correct diagnosis and apply the treatment that best suits each patient.

We treat the body as a whole

Our osteopaths treat the patient in way that considers the human body as a whole, and not just the sum of its parts.

All the components that make up the body (muscles, fasciae, organs, arteries, hormones ...) are governed by the nervous system and work in unison to help the body function correctly, so when any one of them fails, it affects the others.

When this happens, we work on the various spheres of the body to find the solution. The osteopath will treat the primary injury, but also the changes that occur in the body in response to a dysfunction. The goal is to restore functionality and encourage the body to recover its own innate capacity for self-healing.

The osteopathic techniques used at IC Rehabilitation

In our center we primarily work with three groups of manual techniques for different health problems.

  • Structural techniques: these include manipulations, articulatory maneuvers and myotensive techniques, among others. All of them can be adapted the specific needs of each patient and their stage of recovery.
  • Visceral techniques: these are manual techniques applied to the abdominal cavity to improve the way the organs, viscera and circulation function in this area. It is useful for treating constipation, hiatal hernias, and other dysfunctions.
  • Cranial techniques: gentle manipulations of the head that monitor and accompany a good movement and rhythm of the bones of the skull, as well as the membranes that run from the skull to the sacrum improving the fluidity of the meninges.

Osteopathy focused on rehabilitation after surgery

In osteopathy focused on a patient who has undergone some surgery that may have altered the mobility of a part of the body, such as the spine, we seek to recover a good quality of movement, adapting the structures to the maximum.

The osteopath will help each patient determine the quality of the movement that is appropriate for them. If they are suffering a less than optimal quality, the osteopath will find the source of the dysfunction and will be able to offer the right osteopathic treatments to help the patient regain their health as quickly as possible.



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