Does a sciatic nerve recover? Dr. Català responds.

Instituto Clavel wants to answer all your questions about pathologies of the spine and skull. On this occasion, Dr. Ignasi Català, neurosurgeon and Deputy Director of the Institute, talks about sciatica and its recovery process. 

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"I refused to think that at age 45 I couldn't play sports or take my dogs for walks," explains Elena Lauer

Before Elena Lauer’s surgery at Instituto Clavel, she was unable to do such basic things as bend over to make the bed, brush her teeth, or sleep without waking up in pain every time she moved. She went from playing sports regularly to not being able to walk for more than an hour without pain. She herself contacted us to share her testimonial as a way to encourage more people to find help.

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Sacroiliitis: Is walking good for pain relief?

Sacroiliitis is an inflammation of one or both of the sacroiliac joints. This condition can cause pain and stiffness in the lower back, legs, and hips. For this reason, patients with sacroiliitis often wonder if walking is good for this condition.

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Smoking increases the risk of back pain

Smoking has been shown to directly affect the health of the spine and to greatly increase the probability of having incapacitating low back pain. In this post, the experts at Instituto Clavel explain how use of tobacco can impact your spine, and offer you some tips on leading a healthier life in general. 

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What is lumbar fusion surgery?

Lumbar arthrodesis, better known as lumbar or interbody fusion, is surgery in which two or more vertebral bodies (somas) are fused to keep them permanently together. The objective of this surgery is to reduce pain in this vertebral segment.

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“I feel like I have come back to life. Even my face has changed!” says Olga Biguria after her surgery at Instituto Clavel

Olga Biguria is a 77-year-old patient from Guatemala who came to Instituto Clavel Barcelona after living with pain for many years. She was suffering from degenerative disease of the lumbar spine and scoliosis. The surgery she needed was complex, but now, a year later, she tells us that she has her quality of life back. 

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What is spinal arthroplasty? Dr. Giner answers your questions

Spinal arthroplasty, also known as artificial disc replacement (ADR), is the replacement of a damaged intervertebral disc with an artificial disc. Low back pain is one of the most common health issues for both young and old people. In this article, Dr. Giner explains the details and purpose of spinal arthroplasty surgery.

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