Does a sciatic nerve recover? Dr. Català responds.

Instituto Clavel wants to answer all your questions about pathologies of the spine and skull. On this occasion, Dr. Ignasi Català, neurosurgeon and Deputy Director of the Institute, talks about sciatica and its recovery process. 

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Mild scoliosis: How to tell if you have it and how to treat it

Mild scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine of less than 20 degrees. In the following article we tell you how to know if you have mild scoliosis and what the most appropriate treatment is.

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Everything you need to know about disc replacement surgery

Disc replacement surgery, or ADR, is a procedure in which a damaged or unhealthy disc is replace by an artificial disc implant. Here at Instituto Clavel we would like you to know all about this surgery, including its advantages and risks. 

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Physical therapy: exercises for a herniated disc

Physical therapy can be used as treatment for a herniated disc during its early stages, as well as being a very useful recovery tool. It can use in combination with other therapies such as adapted exercise, postural education, and taking pain relievers and muscle relaxants.

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Rehabilitation exercises for a vertebral fracture

Have you suffered a fractured vertebra? In this article we will talk about what type of rehabilitation exercises can help recover from a vertebral fracture.

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Advantages of endoscopic spine surgery

Spine surgery today is advancing constantly thanks to new, minimally invasive techniques. The goal of these techniques is to decrease the possibility of complications during surgery and to make recovery easier. In the following article, we explain all about endoscopic spine surgery, what it is, and what its main advantages are.

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Piriformis syndrome: causes, symptoms, and treatments

Also known as false sciatica, piriformis syndrome is a pathology that can cause pain and a tingling feeling from the buttock to the knee.

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