Safety measures during Covid-19: at Instituto Clavel, we take care of each other

From the beginning of the pandemic, at Instituto Clavel we have been implementing the necessary safety measures to offer our services in a safe environment, protecting both our team and patients. Find out more.

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The best sports for your back

Leading an active lifestyle is one of the keys to taking care of your back, preventing back problems and helping avoid relapses if you have had a problem in the past. Some sports are better than others for your back, so we thought we would tell some sports that are good for keeping your spine strong and healthy. 

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How to care for your back at work

We spend a large part of the day working. For many of us, work means spending a lot of time sitting down, whether it’s in front of a computer, or driving. For others, work can mean being on their feet all day, or lifting heavy weight, or performing repetitive movements. All these scenarios commonly lead to stress on the back and pain or discomfort in the back or neck area. This article offers some tips from our expert medical team to help you take better care of your spine at...

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“I feel like I can do everything”, Gabriela tells us her story three months after L5 S1 disc replacement surgery

Gabriela Figueroa first began suffering low back pain 8 years ago. At only 36 years old, she was diagnosed with a herniated disc at the L5 S1 level, and the only possible treatment she could find in her home country, Guatemala, was fusion surgery. Then, she learned of the option of disc replacement surgery at the Instituto Clavel, and she decided to travel to Spain for the operation. This is her story. 

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How to sleep after having a disc hernia operation

After spinal surgery, the patient may have to change some daily habits in order to speed recovery and avoid risks. How will it affect the way you sleep? Instituto Clavel wants you to know. 

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Neck pain: 10 tips on how to prevent it

Neck pain is one of the most common health complaints. Most people suffer from it some time in their life. The good news is that, in many cases, it can be prevented by making some simple changes to daily habits. Here are some tips from our medical team on how you can prevent this problem. 

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Artificial disc implants: frequently asked questions

Many patients have questions about the prosthetic implants used for cervical and lumbar disc replacement surgery. At Instituto Clavel, we are specialists in arthroplasty or disc replacement surgery (ADR), and we are happy to answer those questions here.

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