Spine pathologies


Spinal pathologies that can cause pins and needles in the legs

A pins and needles feeling in the legs that doesn’t go away can mean that you are suffering from a spinal pathology. In this article from the experts at Instituto Clavel, we describe the most common of the spinal pathologies that may be responsible for this symptom. 

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Kyphosis: causes, symptoms, and treatments

Kyphosis is a forward curvature of the spine. In this article, our medical experts in spinal deformity explain what causes kyphosis, what the symptoms are, and how it can be treated. 

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Spine surgery: in which cases is it recommended?

Spine surgery may be the most effective treatment for some pathologies that occur in this part of the body, but whether or not surgical treatment is recommended, and what type of surgery is recommended, will depend on the condition of the patient’s spine and a variety of other factors. The experts at Instituto Clavel tell you about it here. 

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When is it necessary to use a scoliosis brace?

An orthopedic brace is one of the most effective treatment options for idiopathic scoliosis in children. Here, we explain what it is, which cases it is recommended for, and how it works. 

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Lumbar disc replacement: advantages over fusion surgery

When a herniated lumbar disc requires surgery, at Instituto Clavel we are committed to using artificial disc replacement surgery (ADR) whenever possible, because of the advantages it offers to the patient. In this article, we explain in detail what those advantages are compared to the alternative of lumbar fusion surgery. 

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C5-C6 cervical disc herniation: causes, symptoms and treatments

This article offers information about C5-C6 cervical disc herniation from the experts in spinal pathologies at Instituto Clavel. In this article we explain the main causes of this pathology, the symptoms, and the various treatment options. 

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