Back pain while sleeping: causes and advice

Frequently suffering back pain while sleeping should not be a regular part of your life. The specialists at Instituto Clavel review here some of the possible causes and offer you tips on how to prevent it.   

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Stretching exercises for your back

Does your back hurt? Our physical therapy team is here to help you! Read about the stretching exercises that can help relieve back pain, and watch the videos that guide you carefully through each one. You’ll be happy to know that these exercises take only a few minutes each day and you can do them right at home. Start feeling better now! 

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The importance of using good posture in your daily life

Back pain, whether in the neck, or upper or lower back, is a common complaint of people everywhere. Often, these problems arise because we use poor posture during our day-to-day activities. If you notice any discomfort in your back or neck and would like to know how to improve your posture, read on! 

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How to sleep after having a disc hernia operation

After spinal surgery, the patient may have to change some daily habits in order to speed recovery and avoid risks. How will it affect the way you sleep? Instituto Clavel wants you to know. 

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Smoking increases the risk of back pain

Smoking has been shown to directly affect the health of the spine and to greatly increase the probability of having incapacitating low back pain. In this post, the experts at Instituto Clavel explain how use of tobacco can impact your spine, and offer you some tips on leading a healthier life in general. 

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Caring for your back in the summer - 4 tips from experts

Summer can be a critical time for your back. High temperatures and changes in habits in our routine are some of the main problems, so it’s a good idea to keep in mind a series of guidelines to avoid risks. Take note of these recommendations on caring for your back in the summer, from the experts at Instituto Clavel.

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