Brain pathologies


Symptoms of a possible brain tumor  

The symptoms of a brain tumor can vary depending on the area of the brain in which it is located, the size of the tumor, and how it is growing. However, there are certain general signs to be aware of. Here is a brief overview.  

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Recovery from benign brain tumor surgery

For recovery after surgery to resect a brain tumor, even a benign one, it is necessary to follow a strict protocol. The specialists in neurosurgery from Instituto Clavel explain here what that protocol involves.    

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Brain abscess: causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

A brain abscess is an infection that is generally severe and requires hospital admission until it is resolved. In this post, the experts in neurosurgery from Instituto Clavel, tell you why this disease occurs, what its symptoms are and the most effective treatments.

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What is involved in a brain biopsy?

Brain biopsy is a procedure in which a fragment of tissue is taken for analysis in order to make a diagnosis. In this post, the experts in neurosurgery at the Instituto Clavel, tell you all about this procedure.

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It is neccessary to operate on a benign brain tumor?

Benign brain tumors are primary, noncancerous tumors. Their growth is much slower and they are usually respectful of nearby brain tissue, but they can produce symptoms and can evolve over time. The neurosurgeons at Instituto Clavel explain here if it is necessary to operate on a benign brain tumor or not.

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