Lumbar Microdiscectomy: recovery and recommendations

Lumbar microdiscectomy surgery is a treatment for a herniated lumbar disc that compresses a nerve root. It is a minimally invasive spine surgery in which damaged tissue is removed. In this article, we describe the operation, and what to expect in the recovery process, including some recommendations to keep in mind. 

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Can you work with sacroiliitis? Symptoms and Treatments

Sacroiliitis is an inflammation of the sacroiliac joint. It usually causes pain in the lower back so it is often mistaken for lumbalgia. If you have been diagnosed with sacroiliitis, or have any of these symptoms and you wonder if you can continue your normal work activity with this condition, this article will answer your questions. 

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Lumbar fusion rehabilitation exercises

After undergoing lumbar arthrodesis or fusion surgery, it is very important to carry out a proper rehabilitation process in order to recover fully. As specialists in the spinal column, we would like to tell you about some of the most effective exercises. 

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How to sleep after having a disc hernia operation

After spinal surgery, the patient may have to change some daily habits in order to speed recovery and avoid risks. How will it affect the way you sleep? Instituto Clavel wants you to know. 

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Pinched lumbar nerve: recovery time and advice

A pinched lumbar nerve is the colloquial term for an acute compression of a nerve which causes pain in one or both legs. It may also be a case of acute inflammation in other areas of the spine such as the disc, intervertebral ligaments or synovial capsules, which also causes severe pain in the lower back.

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Recovery time after surgery for an L4-L5 herniated disc

One of the most frequent questions that patients ask themselves before undergoing surgery for an L4-L5 herniated disc, is how long it will take before they can return to their daily activities. Instituto Clavel answers this question here.

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