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What is the goal of these treatments?

Physical therapy and rehabilitation are essential tools for solving and correcting a variety of lesions and to prevent future problems. In terms of treating different pathologies, physical therapy can play a primary role on its own as a conservative treatment, or it can be part of a treatment program to help a patient in addition to pharmacological or surgical treatment. At Instituto Clavel, you can find FisioSpine, that offers a completely personalized and specialized treatment for the spine. 

Preventive physiotherapy

This is physiotherapy for people who do not suffer from pathologies or alterations of the spine, but who wish to take care of their spine. At FisioSpine we perform it with professional-guided activities that provide proven, successful results. Through postural exercises, the different muscle chains can be thoroughly worked on and trained which is very positive at a preventive level and helps to keep the spine healthy over the years.

Specialized rehabilitation

As spine specialists, our experience has shown us that specialized rehabilitation is essential for the spine. The type of treatment should be decided taking into account the patient's pathology, their biometric and anatomical characteristics, as well as if they have undergone surgery and what type. It is important for the physiotherapy team in charge of the treatment to have an in-depth understanding of the specific problem of the patient's spine, starting with a first assessment by an expert therapist. That is why at Instituto Clavel we work hand in hand with FisioSpine.

your center for specialized physiotherapy for the spine

As an integral component Instituto Clavel, FisioSpine is the first physiotherapy and rehabilitation center integrated into a team of medical specialists and spine surgeons. This alliance allows us give our patients better outcomes, because between working together we can develop the best treatment plan for each patient. In those cases where only conservative measures are needed, Instituto Clavel will refer the patient to FisioSpine, and in those cases where a more specific treatment such as surgery is required, the postoperative rehabilitation will be performed taking into the exact procedure the patient has been through, in a completely personalized way

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Pablo Saíz

"Proper Physiotherapy at a reasonable price. You can tell it's a good center specialized in the spine. The staff helps you and gives you good advice."

Marc Antoni Macia

"I have constant back pain and it's been the best physio I've been. The venue is spotless and the service is flawless."

Joan Gar

"Juan (Cardedeu), user of the center. Professional treatment, I recommend the center."

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