International patients

Every year we receive a large number of patients from various countries who come seeking help for their problem. 

At Instituto Clavel we have more than 20 years experience in neurosurgery and minimally invasive spine surgery and we are pioneers in anterior approach ADR (disc replacement surgery), which makes us one of the best known centers in this specialty at the international level

Every year we receive a large number of patients from various countries who come seeking help for their problem. And their need drives us to find solutions, through excellence and innovation, with the goal of improving their quality of life. To achieve this, we have highly qualified professionals and the support of the latest technology.

In addition, we offer a patient Preparation, Empowerment, and Recovery (PER) program that allows us to connect with your needs and guarantee a better experience for you. This program is thoroughly integrated in the services we offer, which you can find out by contacting us.

More than 1.800 spinal surgeries performed per year

More than 350 ADR surgeries performed per year

More than 50 cranial surgeries performed per year

From Barcelona Spine Center to Instituto Clavel

Instituto Clavel was created in 2011 by Dr. Pablo Clavel and Dr. Ignasi Català, as a specialized center in the Hospital Quirón Salud in Barcelona. With our international patients in mind, we chose the name Barcelona Spine Center so they could easily identify our geographical location.

Since that time, Instituto Clavel has grown exponentially, and in 2020 we inaugurated a new center in Madrid and began collaborating with clinics in Rome, Italy (Ars Medica and Ars Biomedica).

In keeping with this growth and expanded geographical presence, we have decided to designate Instituto Clavel as the single unifying name for both our national and international activity, ceasing to use the name Barcelona Spine Center.

Why choose us?


All the Instituto Clavel staff are highly dedicated and work with the common goal of improving the lives of patients. Our medical team is multidisciplinary, which allows us to offer the best solution from different points of view, offering the most effective alternatives for each problem.

Dr. Pablo Clavel
Dr. Ignasi Català
Dr. Sebastien Charosky

Dr. Pablo Clavel

Neurosurgeon and director of the Instituto Clavel. Specialist in minimally invasive spine surgery, robotic surgery, neuronavigation and brain tumor surgery

Dr. Ignasi Català

Neurosurgeon and deputy director of Instituto Clavel. Specialist in minimally invasive spine surgery, scoliosis, robotic surgery, neuronavigation and the surgeon with most experience in sacroiliac joint fusion surgery in Europe.

Dr. Sebastien Charosky

Orthopedic and trauma surgeon. Internationally recognized expert in idiopathic scoliosis and adult scoliosis, degenerative scoliosis, kyphosis, and sagittal imbalance.

Our patient Preparation, Empowerment, and Recovery program (PER)

At the Instituto Clavel we have a patient Preparation, Empowerment and Recovery program that forms part of all stages of treatment. What is the goal of this program? For the patient to feel accompanied by our professionals at all times and that factors that may cause stress before surgery are reduced. To achieve this we have established protocols:

To facilitate all phases of this program, we have various channels of communication available to you: Telephone, WhatsApp, email and fax. In addition, since in the case of international patients, most of them cannot come to the center in person before coming for the operation, we offer a FREE virtual assessment with the possibility of scheduling a videoconference by Skype with the doctor afterwards


A correct diagnosis is the basis for finding an effective treatment. For this reason, at Instituto Clavel our multidisciplinary medical team takes extreme care in diagnosing each pathology, addressing each case in a totally individualized way, getting all the information and tests needed in each case.


Starting with the diagnosis, our medical team offers a totally personalized treatment for the patient, betting on innovative and effective methods. The treatment option recommended will depend on the state of the problem and its possible evolution, thus with alternatives ranging from conservative treatments to surgery.

The medical team treating the patient is in charge of explaining their recommendation in detail and is available to answer any questions the patient may have.


Our use of the latest technology is one of the things that makes us stand out and positions us as leaders in neurosurgery and non-invasive spine surgery. Tools such as the O-Arm Intraoperative Scanner, IONM or the Mazor X robotic surgery system, among others, allow us to carry out our treatments in a safer and more effective way.


We help our patients find the best place to stay before or after hospital admission. You can find more information about hotels near our centers here: Barcelona and Madrid.


Hospital QuirónSalud Barcelona

Plaza Alfonso Comín, 5-7 

Rooms 016 - 020 (Main floor)

08023 Barcelona

Telephone: +34 936 09 07 77

WhatsApp: +34 610 786 747 

Email: international@institutoclavel.com


Hospital San Francisco de Asís

Calle de Joaquín Costa, 28

(First floor)

28002 Madrid

Telephone: +34 919 14 84 41

WhatsApp: +34 610 786 747 

Email: international@institutoclavel.com

Are you unable to visit us in person? Request a virtual consultation here:


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