"I have learned a lot about the anterior approach" says Dr. Milavec, about her AO Spine training at Instituto Clavel

We are talking to Dr.Helena Milavec, who has been the first doctor to receive training through the AO Spine program at our center in Barcelona. 

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Artificial disc implants: frequently asked questions

Many patients have questions about the prosthetic implants used for cervical and lumbar disc replacement surgery. At Instituto Clavel, we are specialists in arthroplasty or disc replacement surgery (ADR), and we are happy to answer those questions here.

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Brain abscess: causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

A brain abscess is an infection that is generally severe and requires hospital admission until it is resolved. In this post, the experts in neurosurgery from Instituto Clavel, tell you why this disease occurs, what its symptoms are and the most effective treatments.

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