Safety measures during Covid-19: at Instituto Clavel, we take care of each other

From the beginning of the pandemic, at Instituto Clavel we have been implementing the necessary safety measures to offer our services in a safe environment, protecting both our team and patients. Find out more.

The measures we’ve implemented allows us to continue helping those whose conditions need to be treated without delay. We’ve been scheduling appointments face to face and via online, depending on our patients’ needs.

When it’s a first appointment and the patient lives in Barcelona or Madrid, we recommend them to visit our centre. If they are unable to attend, we offer the possibility of an online appointment.  At Instituto Clavel, we have plenty of experience with this type of consultation due to the volume of international patients we receive every year hence our process is optimized and effective. If you have tests (X Ray, CT scan, etc), you can send them in order for us to provide you with a personalized and complete assessment.

On the other hand, if you need to visit our centres (for a first visit or to carry out some tests recommended by our doctors), be assured we have implemented a protocol to guarantee your safety.

Which are the measures adopted in our centre?

  • All our staff is equipped with individual protection gear (mask and gloves).
  • Protective screens are installed in the reception.
  • Hydroalcoholic gel is available in the reception and consultation rooms. Its use is mandatory.
  • Safe distance is established between chairs in the waiting room.
  • Only one companion is allowed per patient.
  • Patients are advised to arrive puntual, up to 10 mins prior to their appointment in order to avoid crowds in the reception.
  • At the entrance, patients are asked to answer a mini questionnaire to screen possible Covid-19 related symptoms.
  • Maximum punctuality with appointments.
  • Online appointments as a preferred method of those who don´t need to visit us.

Safety protocol during surgeries at Instituto Clavel

From April 27, all our operating and reanimation rooms have been operative. We´ve implemented additional measures to ensure our patients’ safety.

Prior operation
  • Protocol to identify Covid-19 patients, such as antibody or PCR tests.
  • Positive: the patient would be treated for this infection and the surgery would be postponed until the patient’s recovery.
  • Negative: we would go ahead with the surgical process.
Operation and admission:
  • All patients will be located in Covid-19 free floors.
  • The staff that treat our patients is stable and will not work in floors with Covid-19 patients.
  • In case ICU admission is required due to the type of surgery performed, a sectorization of the ICU has been carried out to isolate Non-Covid-19 patients, with safe circuits and isolated staff.
After surgery

Once the patient is discharged, he/she will have a revision appointment 6 weeks after the operation.

Safety protocol at Hospital QuironSalud Barcelona

Instituto Clavel Barcelona is located in Hospital QuironSalud who’s adopted additional measures such as:

  • Covid-19 positive patients and those health care professionals who are treating them, have used and will continue to use independent circuits within the hospital.
  • Strict individual protection measures
  • Antibody test to the entire staff to understand the hospital immunity level. It is worth highlighting that QuironSalud is the only hospital in Spain who’s carried out massive testing to its staff with great benefits for both its employees and the patients.

All these measures allow Instituto Clavel, as well as Hospital QuironSalud, to be considered as a safe environment.

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