Preparation, Empowerment, and Recovery for surgery patients

At Instituto Clavel we know that feeling supported and empowered throughout a medical process plays an important role in helping you recover faster. That’s why we have a specifically dedicated program to assist you with your needs at every stage of the process so your can have the best experience possible.

Feeling confident and prepared for your surgery and participating actively in your own recovery

Our main objective as a medical team is to find the best solution to improve the lives of patients who come to us for treatment, and to enable them to take an active role in their own recovery

Through our years of experience we have learned that while the right diagnosis and the right treatment are critical factors, for the best outcome and recovery possible, it is also essential that the patient be prepared, empowered and involved at every stage. To achieve this, there has to be a sense of connection on both a medical and human level. 

Medical procedures can cause a lot of doubts and feelings of stress, so we consider it part of our job to empower the patient. We want to you participate in taking charge of your own recovery, so that you feel safe and strong at every stage of the process. Because the groundwork for a successful recovery begins before the operation even happens. How do we achieve this? 

We answer your questions about the treatment

Keeping an open line of direct communication with our patients is one of our priorities. We want them to know everything about the process, and we want our patients to ask us questions so we can address their doubts and reduce any uncertainties that they may have as much as possible. This way, we guarantee that out patients feel calmer and more confident. 

We empower our patients both physically and emotionally throughout the process

We have designed specific protocols to prepare the patient before, during and after the treatment, giving the patient an active role at each stage. This allows you to go to the operation and then on to rehabilitation in a better state, both physically and mentally. 

We accompany our patients in the process of recovery

At Instituto Clavel, we accompany our patients through each of the different stages they experience with us: we help them feel prepared for surgery, we answer all their questions and we teach them how to continue with their recovery at home. By providing this support, we offer a better patient experience, and we have seen that it makes a positive difference in our patients’ recovery.

How does the PER program benefit the patient?

  • The patient feels empowered and takes an active role in his recovery. 
  • The open line of communication invites the patient to ask all their questions and reduces feelings of uncertainty.
  • Preparation enables the patient to undergo surgery and experience the whole process in better mental and physical condition.
  • The support of our professionals at each stage of the process helps our patients feel confident and secure.
  • The recovery process is faster and more effective.
  • The overall experience of the medical process is much more positive.


"I gratefully remember all those who were in charge of my care, the experience has been very positive, I was cared for diligently from the beginning to the end of my stay in Barcelona, and I have always felt very supported. Those who cared for me were not only very professional in their attitude, but also warm and attentive to my every need, from the administrative staff to the surgeon. I was cared for really well and I have nothing but words of gratitude for all those who looked after me".

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