“I live my life to the fullest,” says a cervical ADR patient just two weeks after surgery

Arsenia Gross began to feel numbness in both arms more than one year ago. After attending her revision, she discovered that she had three cervical disc hernias, which were the cause of this annoying symptom. To end it, she decided to bet on ADR surgery (Artificial Disc Replacement) at Instituto Clavel. She tells us how her experience was.  

Cervical disc hernia is one of the most common spine problems, as cervical disc is continuously stressed. The degenerated intervertebral disc breaks down and its contents press the cervical nerve, which can cause pain or numbness, as happened to Arsenia Gross. In her case, she had three hernias, so Dr. Clavel recommended her to undergo a three-level ADR surgery to eliminate numbness in the arms.  

The patient, who lives in Paraguay, was operated on at Instituto Clavel Barcelona and only two weeks later she has been able to get back into her routine activities, with hardly any discomfort. We talked to her to find out how everything went.  


Did you hear about Instituto Clavel from our former patients, have you visited other medical centers before? 

Yes, I looked for information at other centers in the United States, but finally, I decided to undergo surgery at Instituto Clavel due to many factors.


What convinced you the most to choose Instituto Clavel?  

To make the decision: its background, researching a little bit, the fact that several friends had undergone surgery with him... In addition, all the team working with Dr. Clavel. Olga was key for me because I wrote to her asking a question and she was replying after 5 minutes... I don't know, I felt I was important to them. That was very important to me, they inspire trust. And well, of course, all of Dr. Clavel's curriculum vitae and all of these references from my friends.


You are saying that they answered all your doubts. The whole process was by email because you live in Paraguay, how did you feel about that? 

Super! Very well cared for, they are very professional. I felt they cared for me.  


Did you have trouble traveling because of the corona pandemic?  

No problem. Not at all.  


Were you asked for permits? 

In order to enter Spain, they only asked me for a form from the Ministry of Health which I filled out on the Internet. 


You met Dr. Clavel the day before the surgery, how was that day? Did he answer all of your questions? 

Yes, very well. I really didn't want to know much about the surgery (laugh), but it went very well. Super loving, very nice, very professional, he inspires a lot of trust, as I told you.  


Did you meet anyone else at the center? 

Yes, Olga, who I found fundamental in the whole process and Sonia, a nurse who helped me, who took care of me... Very well, very well.  


What do you remember about the day of the surgery? How did you feel before entering the operating room? 

Sincerely, very good, I felt very quiet. Sonia was with me, I wasn't very anxious, really, everything was amazing. A super natural process, very easy. I arrived at the clinic, Sonia waited for me, we checked in, as if I was registering at a hotel and from there we went to the ground floor, I get changed. Then the nurse arrived and walked me. Everything was very well. I thought I would be very, very anxious, but not at all.  


How did you feel when you woke up?

Upon waking up I was in the recovery room and I felt a little dizzy there. I didn’t understand what was going on, I was a bit disturbed... But well, super good. Then they walked me to the bedroom, my mum was there, and from there it went super well. No problem at all.  


How many days have you been admitted?  

Two nights. 


After the surgery, you've been in Spain for just over a week to recover... 

Yes, I stayed for a week and did physiotherapy at FisioSpine, super good with Laia, spectacular too. Everything perfect. I arrived back without pain, just a little annoyance here (points to the front of my neck) because I was operated on here. But super well. 


What advice did the doctors give you before leaving?  

Dr. Clavel told me that I could walk, I couldn't lift a lot of weight, I could do some stretching exercises... They also told me what I couldn't do. I can lead a normal life, now for example I'm going to do sport.  


Oh, very well! Then, have you already been able to get back into your routine activities? 

Yes, totally, I live my life to the fullest. And I tell you about sport, because for me it is extremely important to have a discipline and do the exercises that they recommended me. I also have here a sheet that Dr. Clavel gave me with exercises to strengthen the back muscles, and, for example, I do this every day now, in the morning.  


Have you recommended the Instituto Clavel to other patients with similar problems? What did you like most about the center?  

I liked everything, everything. Although the team, the people, was the best. Also, the good location of the Institute, it’s on the ground floor of the clinic, it is very easy. Everything was very, very, as the Americans say, "easy going", easy, smooth,...Perfect! Nothing to complain about. Everything was perfect.  

Would you like to know the experience of other patients? Here you can find many other testimonials. And if you would like to tell us about your case, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can serve you in a completely personalized way.  


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